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Rated: T
WC: ???,???
No Pairing
When werewolves start terrorizing in the form of packs, an organization of women in red called Riding Hoods come to exterminate them.

However, this story is not told in the perspective of the Riding Hoods; it's told in the perspective of The Wolves.



I want someone to write a book where Mermaids are the women thrown off ships when the sailors got afraid because having a woman on the boat is bad luck. And as they sink to the bottom legs tied together they change slowly until they can breath, until they can use their tied up legs to swim. And they drown sailors in revenge, luring them in by singing in their husky voices still stinging from the salt water they breathed. 

someone please write this

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Give me some prompts to write about

I want some writing exercise or something. Give me, like, a scenario or something and I’ll work with it.

And then maybe reblog this so I can get more? I really need a whole shit ton of prompts.

As for Wolves

I have posted all of the chapter I have so far onto Archive of Our Own! No more reading it through tumblr and having to jump through ads! Hurray!

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